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Prostate Infection

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Prostate Infection in and near Florida

Prostate Infection

 Infection of the prostate is commonly known as prostatitis and can be acute or chronic.


Most men who develop prostatitis do not have a bacterial origin to their infection.  This condition is more of an inflammation of the prostate gland.  A small minority of men will have acute prostatitis and this will be from a bacterial infection.


Symptoms are a lot alike those of men who have BPH.  However, men can also experience burning, fever, chills, pain in the genitals, scrotum, rectum, lower back and abdomen.


Detection is usually with history and physical exam as the urinalysis will be normal. Prostate exam is usually painful and there is often tenderness noted by the urologist.


Treatment consists of antibiotics even when there is no bacterial origin.  Anti-inflammatory medicines such as ibuprofen is often used.  Avoidance of spicy food, alcohol, caffeine are also imporatant.  Alpha blockers such as tamsulosin and rapaflo can also help the urinary symptoms.


It is important to keep one hydrated. Men who are at risk for prostatitis often include truck drivers and occupations where sitting is prolonged.  A healthy diet and fluid intake are also important.  Some men will require months of treatment before symptoms resolve.

Prostate Infection FL

Prostate Infection

Prostate Infection
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