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Prostate Hematuria

Prostate Hematuria
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Prostate Hematuria in and near Florida

Prostate Hematuria

Bleeding from the prostate is usually from conditions such as BPH, prostate cancer, prostatitis


Enlargement of the prostate can cause bleeding as there are many small blood vessels that can bleed, prostate cancer can present with bleeding if the disease is advanced, and with prostatitis the inflammation can be severe causing bleeding. 


Hematuria can be gross or microscopic and also without any symptoms.  Fever, chills, burning, frequency, urgency, and pain can occur. 


Usually the urinalysis with show blood , WBC’s and also bacteria if there is presence of infection.  Physical examination may or may not reveal a tender prostate.


Treatment is based on the condition causing the bleeding whether it is BPH, infection, prostatitis.  Antibiotics, alpha blockers are usually the two main options. 


Healthy diet and nutrition with proper fluid intake and hydration are important.

Prostate Hematuria FL

Prostate Hematuria

Prostate Hematuria
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