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Kidney Pain

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Kidney Pain in and near Florida

Kidney Pain

Kidney pain is commonly referred to a flank pain as the kidney lie in the most dependent portion of the back.


Kidney or flank pain commonly results from a stone which is either in the kidney or ureter. The cause of the pain stems from some degree of blockage or obstruction of that kidney or ureter (tube that connects the kidney to the bladder). Infection or inflammation of the kidney can also lead to pain. Kidney cysts and tumors are also possibilities. Another condition called hydronephrosis (engorgement of the ureter causing backup or urine in the kidney ) can happen when there is blockage from a stone, blood clot, tumor, or debris on that side. Rarely, both kidneys can be blocked at the same time.


Sharp, intense pain accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever, chills are the most common symptoms. The pain can travel or radiate from the flank to the abdomen, toward the genitals or stay in the same location.


Physical examination will usually elicit and confirm kidney pain. A gentle tap to the lower back on either side will generally elicit pain or discomfort from the patient. This is called CVA (Costovertebral Angle) tenderness.


Treatment is aimed at removal of the stone, obstruction, infection, tumor. When there is blockage of the ureter, sometimes a temporary tube (stent) can be placed to bypass the blockage and relieve the pain.


Like most urological diseases, prevention is directed at the primary source. Increasing fluid intake will always be helpful. A healthy diet will prevent stones, tumors, and other kidney associated diseases.

Kidney Pain FL

Kidney Pain

Kidney Pain
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