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Kidney Hematuria FL

Kidney Hematuria

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Kidney Hematuria in and near Florida

Kidney Hematuria

Blood in the urine originating from the kidneys are quite common and can be either microscopic or gross.


Kidney stones, kidney tumors, kidney infections, and kidney failure can all cause hematuria.


Symptoms can range from none to flank or back pain, abdominal pain , fever, chills.


Most of the time blood from the urine is hard to distinguish from other sites such as the bladder, ureter or prostate.  X-rays such as ultrasound, CT scan and MRI can isolate the source of bleeding.


Treatment is directed and focused at the primary kidney problem whether it is an infection, tumor or stone.


Like all other conditions, prevention is always hydration, healthy diet, and control of blood pressure, diabetes.

Kidney Hematuria FL

Kidney Hematuria

Kidney Hematuria
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