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Bladder Hematuria

Bladder Hematuria
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Bladder Hematuria in and near Florida

Bladder Hematuria

Hematuria is the presence of blood in the urine either microscopic or gross (visible to the naked eye)


Causes of hematuria include cancer of the kidney, ureter, bladder cancer, inflammation of the kidney, ureter, bladder or prostate.  Urinary tract infection is another common cause of hematuria.  Enlargement of the prostate, vigorous exercise, kidney and bladder stones, trauma to the urinary tract, medical disorders such as high blood pressure, sickle cell disease are other possibilties


Majority of patients who have hematuria do not have symptoms.  Patients will notice urine that can be either lightly pink, red, or cola-colored due to the presence of red blood cells (RBC’s).  On occasion the bleeding can be severe enough to cause clot formation.


  1. Urinalysis testing will show presence of RBC’s
  2. Cystoscopy will evaluate the bladder, urethra and prostate as sites of hematuria
  3. X-rays such as Computed Tomography (CT scans), ultrasound can detect kidney tumors, inflammation, stones


Treatment is directed at the cause.  UTIs can be treated with infection.  Cancers are managed with surgery and removal.  Kidney and bladder stones are removed with surgery.  The medical disorders are controlled with medication , hydration, and close surveillance.


Hematuria has a wide spectrum of causes and prevention is variable.  Hydration of the kidneys is essential.  As with other conditions a healthy diet is integral in prevention of hematuria.

Bladder Hematuria FL

Bladder Hematuria

Bladder Hematuria
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