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Kidney Cancer

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Kidney Cancer in and near Florida

Kidney Cancer

Each year about 20,000 men and 10,000 women develop kidney cancer. There are many types of kidney cancer but the majority are solid tumors which originate from the surface.


Risk factors for kidney cancer include smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, history of dialysis, family history, carrying a gene called Von Hippel-Lindau, and occupational risks.


Most patients who have kidney cancer do not have symptoms.  The majority of kidney tumors are discovered on CT scans, ultrasound, MRIs for another reason (incidental tumors).  Other symptoms include hematuria, abdominal or back pain, weight loss, and occasional a mass can be felt on examination on the abdomen.


As mentioned, most kidney cancers are detected on a CT scan, ultrasound , or MRI.  Rarely, a mass is felt on physical examination.  Urinalysis can show microscopic or gross hematuria. 


Surgery is the only curative option for kidney cancer.  If the cancer has spread and involves other organs then patients are started on immune therapy.  The survival of patients with kidney cancer depends on the stage of the cancer.  This is determined by by size, involvement of lymph nodes and other organs such as the liver, bone, lungs.  lungs.  Surgery for the kidney is called a radical nephrectomy and can be performed through an abdominal incision or laparoscopically. 


 most other diseases and conditions, smoking cessation, weight loss, routine physical examinations are important.  It is best to catch any cancer early before there is a chance of spread to other organs.

Kidney Cancer FL
Kidney Cancer
Kidney Cancer
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