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Low Testosterone

Low Testosterone
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Low Testosterone in and near Florida

Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the testicles and is responsible for many male physical characteristics.  It regulates facial and body hair, sex drive (libido), ability to get and keep erections, muscle and bone strength, energy level, emotions and sense of well-being, and sperm production.


Low testosterone can affect men of any age and can start as early as the 20’s.  There is decreased production of testosterone which is regulated by hormones produced in the brain. 


The main symptoms of low testosterone (hypongonadism) are less interest in sex (decreased libido), trouble or difficulty getting or keeping an erection, low sperm count leading to infertility, increased in body fat, irritability, depression, and trouble concentrating. 


Low testosterone is detected by a blood test with normal levels ranging from 300 to 1000 ng/dl


Treatment is directed at replacing the testosterone. 

  1. Injections: simplest form of replacement and is usually done every 2 weeks
  2. Topical gels: an alcohol based gel is applied to the shoulder, upper arm, thigh or underarm daily
  3. Pellets: testosterone pellets are placed under the skin every 3 to 4 months (www.testopel.com)


Exercise can help some of the symptoms of low testosterone by improving the mood and strengthening muscles and bones.  Eating a healthy diet is also important.  If low testosterone is left untreated it can lead to loss of bone and muscle mass and eventually lead to osteoporosis in older men.

Low Testosterone FL
Low Testosterone
Low Testosterone
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